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Current project:

PerfectDay Mag 2

PerfectDay magazine has been conceived as a medium to present and discuss the things that happen around us, the gifts and talents of those around us, the discoveries we make in our daily exchange and the things that people create in their daily work.

PerfectDay magazine puts accents on the details, which make each single day unique and interesting.

PerfectDay makes visual comments and interpretations on pop-culture subjects; it writes about famous names on the world’s pop-culture stage and talks about new names of diverse generations. Like Antoine de Saint Exupéry, we are prepared to make a drawing of our concepts about a sheep or a boa bulged by a swallowed elephant, or just a perfect day. And we are expecting to meet our audience, which possesses the Little Prince’s curiosity about the world around us.

PerfectDay develops a unique advertisement vision about fashion and design labels and visual product campaigns. This includes our own independent versions of advertisements for products and ideas of our own selection.

PerfectDay is prepared to make and publish original advertising visions as part of campaigns in support of novel ideas of public significance.

PerfectDay sets the balance between the necessity to be informed and the art to enjoy yourself.

Past project:

PerfectDay Mag 1

Past project:

Because of Hammershoi
30 female portraits

A collaboration between photographer Enamul Hoque and art director Marieta Tsenova.

30 portraits of women, inspired by Eleanor Yule’s documentary film “Michael Palin and the Mystery of Hammershoi” (2005).

The inspiration we found in Hammershoi’s paintings were the beauty of proportion, the minimalism of his interior style, the austerity of his anonymous silhouettes and the concentration of detail, which all amounts up to unique and strikingly beautiful body of work. It typically brings forth associations of seclusion, solitude and nostalgia to something insignificant.

The portraits of this exhibition concentrate on detail. They are a narrative of the beautiful things around us. These are portraits of contemporary women, each having her profession, who agreed to model for us. They are talented and interesting personalities with dynamic lives. We simply showed them in another light; in a brief moment of concentration in the style of Vilhelm Hammershoi. The garments, worn by these women, belong to some of the most creative names in contemporary fashion design. The set design portrays a part of our environment, where objects used have been purchased from shops or come from private collections.

We feel that the modernity of Hammershoi’s pictures has been languishing for a long time in the shadow of oblivion but today this modernity is clearly visible when projected upon familiar silhouettes, faces, objects and interior atmosphere.

The added inspiration in these portraits is the diversity of London, the people we meet every day, the material world, which surrounds us, the street markets, vintage bazaars and atmosphere of preserved tradition.

We believe that each story told finds its listeners and the minimalism and exquisiteness of Hammershoi’s world, as per our interpretation, will hopefully find its audience too.

We extend our heartiest gratitude to Tij and Burhan Hassan and Jonny Mountain for their support.

The Models Are:
Amanda Harris (English), Ana Vrancean (Romanian), Antoaneta Angelova (Bulgarian), Assia Rosica (Italian), Behnaz Vakili (Iranian), Charlie Hawker (English), Emily Ballard (Japanese), Erin Daley (Australian), Ivelle Jargalyn (Mongolian), Laura Steel (English), Maria Petrova (Bulgarian), Monique Kleigunther (German), Rachel Tattersdill (English), Susan Jardine (Scottish), Tijen Hassan (Cyprian), Vaida Drungilaite (Lithuanian), Vesela Кazakova (Bulgarian), Vesselina Vandova (Bulgarian), Vibeke Luther (Norwegian), Victoire Sawadogo (French), Yalda Keshavarzi (Iranian)

The photo sessions have been made with garments of:
Agnes B, Ben Sherman, Comme des Garcons, Cos, Gardem Paris, Jean Paul Gaultiere Classic, H&M, Katarzyna Szczotarska, Maison Martin Margiela, Max Mara, Muji, Stella McCartney, SimplyVera Vera Wang, Polo Ralph Lauren, Veronique Branquino, Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood.

Enamul Hoque
Marieta Tsenova

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